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Department of Computer Science Engineering

About Department

The Department of Computer Science Engineering & Information Technology at in JIET Universe has shaped itself to meet this challenge and prepare the future computer professionals by the way of bringing change in teaching methodology, students participation in seminars and project work. The institute is running a undergraduate course B.Tech. and a postgraduate course M.Tech in Data Science. The programme provides intensive training to the students at advanced level to enable them to take up research and development activities. The course curriculum has been specially tailored to fulfill the growing global outlook and focus on upcoming technologies in the field of computer science to cater to the needs of the industry and R&D organizations. To achieve the above, the department has a computer center and hi-tech labs equipped with latest software and hardware technologies. With this background, the passing out candidates would be in much better position to carry out activities like software design, development testing and R&D. The Computer Science and Engineering Department has a well qualified and experienced faculty that ably guides, motivates and trains the students so that they can perform to their fullest and attain leadership position.
The Faculty is actively involved in research and development activities. The Faculty members of the Department have actively participated and contributed in National and International Conferences and Seminars.
The Department interacts with Information Technology Industry to augment the teaching methodology with industrial needs to provide industrial experience to the students to help them to focus their energies in the right direction The Computer Science and Engineering Department in the very short span of time has attained an invaluable position among the engineering colleges in the region. It has developed state- of -art laboratories in various fields of Computer Engineering, Database Management Systems, Computer Networking, Artificial Intelligence, Software Engineering, Multimedia, CAD/ CAM, Web Designing, etc. The Department also interacts regularly with Information Technology organizations like Microsoft, Oracle, Infosys,Sun Micro Systems, L&T, Infosys, HCL, etc. for providing latest technology updates to the student's just-in industry projects training, exposure to work environment and culture. The thrust areas of the Department are Computer Networking, Neural Networks, Distributed Computing, Software Engineering, Databases and programming language.


The department of Computer Science and Engineering aims at being recognized globally as a promoter of computer technology and its applications by encouraging all modern endeavours in academia, learning innovations, socially relevant research and problem solving.


M1: To develop competent professionals with problem solving and analytical skills
M2: To provide excellent undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral education for productive career in industry, academia and as entrepreneurs.
M3: To enhance theoretical, experimental and applied skills of faculty and student in computer science through nationally and internationally recognized and socially relevant research.
M4: To continuously improve academic infrastructure and also to create an environment that inculcates ethical values and skills required for lifelong learning skill.


To provide an in-depth understanding of the fundamentals of Computer Science and create a foundation for lifelong learning to facilitate progressive career in ITindustry, as an entrepreneur and in pursuit of higher studies.
To equip the students with technical and analytical skills to develop innovative solutions to complex real life problems using existing and novel technologies.
To equip the students with good communication and interpersonal skills, inter-disciplinary teamwork and leadership skills to enable them to fulfil professional responsibilities.
To expose them to various contemporary issues which will enable them to become ethical and responsible towards themselves, co-workers, the Society and the Nation

Program Offered

B.Tech. (Computer Engineering) - 4 Years degree programme
M.Tech. (Data Science ) - 2 Years PG Programme
Ph.D (Computer Engineering)

  • The graduates will be proficient in fundamental principles and methods of Computer Science, Mathematical and Scientific reasoning and will able to:
    • Apply fundamental concepts of integration, differentiation, vector calculus, probability & statistics, and discrete mathematics.
    • Design, create & evaluate algorithms and data structures appropriate to specific problems.
  • The graduates will possess in-depth knowledge of various components of hardware and system software. The students will have thorough understanding of:
    • Architecture of computer system and functionality of various units.
    • Role of operating system in managing the hardware units.
    • Computer networks and security related issues.
  • The graduates will be competent in Object Oriented Programming Languages and possess basic knowledge of several other programming languages.
  • The graduates will be able to exhibit knowledge of software engineering practices and project management and can work as a team leader/team member in developing software of multidisciplinary nature.
  • The graduates will possess ability to explore emerging technologies and provide innovative solutions to real time problems within constraints such as financial, environmental, social and ethical.
  • Engineering knowledge: Apply knowledge of Mathematics, Science and Engineering to solve the complex engineering problems in analog and digital electronic systems.
  • Problem analysis: An ability to design electronic circuits, communication systems, conduct experiments, analyze and process data to report results.
  • Design/development of solutions: An ability to design digital, analog and hybrid systems to meet the specific requirements.
  • Conduct investigations of complex problems: An ability to investigate the complex problems by methods as appropriate experiments, analysis and interpretation of data and synthesis of information in order to reach valid conclusions.
  • Modern tool usage: An ability to use modern tools to design and analyze the performance of Electronics and Communication systems.
  • The engineer and society: To apply engineering in global and societal contexts and to develop ecofriendly products and solutions with awareness of contemporary issues.
  • Environment and sustainability: An ability to understand the impact of engineering solutions in a Global, Economic, Environmental, and Societal context.
  • Individual and Team work: An ability to function effectively as an individual, and as a member or leader in diverse teams, and in multidisciplinary settings.
  • Ethics: An ability to understand and demonstrate professional and ethical responsibilities
  • Communication: An ability to apply the skills for effective communication in both verbal and written form.
  • Project management and finance: Work as a member of project team to find successful design and development solutions to the problems related to electronics and communication systems.
  • Life-long learning: An ability to clearly understand the value of lifelong learning and self-education.

Senior Faculties

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Prof. (Dr.) K. R. Chowdhary


top engineering college in rajasthan , best engineering college in rajasthan

Ms. Mamta Garg
Associate Professor


top engineering college in rajasthan , best engineering college in rajasthan

Mr. Rajendra Purohit
Associate Professor


top engineering college in rajasthan , best engineering college in rajasthan

Mr. Pankaj Acharya
Associate Professor


top engineering college in rajasthan , best engineering college in rajasthan

Mr. Manish Kumar
Associate Professor


top engineering college in rajasthan , best engineering college in rajasthan

Ms. Anamika Choudhary
Associate Professor


top engineering college in rajasthan , best engineering college in rajasthan

Ms. Jyoti Vyas
Assistant Professor


top engineering college in rajasthan , best engineering college in rajasthan

Mr. Rahul Bhandari
Assistant Professor


top engineering college in rajasthan , best engineering college in rajasthan

Ms. Arshi Riyaz
Assistant Professor


top engineering college in rajasthan , best engineering college in rajasthan

Ms. Sunita Godara
Assistant Professor


top engineering college in rajasthan , best engineering college in rajasthan

Ms. Kritika Purohit
Assistant Professor


top engineering college in rajasthan , best engineering college in rajasthan

Mr. Santosh Gupta
Assistant Professor


top engineering college in rajasthan , best engineering college in rajasthan

Mr. Sawai Singh Inda
Assistant Professor


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Mr. Madhav Khatri
Assistant Professor


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Mr. Hemant Pareek
Assistant Professor


top engineering college in rajasthan , best engineering college in rajasthan

Ms. Pallavi Pratap
Assistant Professor


top engineering college in rajasthan , best engineering college in rajasthan

Ms. Neelam Bohra
Assistant Professor


Branch Benefits

Today Computers have not only assumed strategic importance in the corporate world, they are also being effectively used in almost every field of human endeavor, ranging from space exploration to food processing and banking to communication etc.
Presence of some of the best known IT Multinationals like IBM, HP. Microsoft, Dell, Cisco, SUN, Oracle, Google, Motorola, Yahoo, etc. have made possible transfer of hardware & software technology in the country.

The Six main sectors in this field are:

Hardware & Networking

  • This includes the physical elements of the computer system and deals with the designing, manufacturing and maintenance of computers. This area also includes the assembling of the manufactured components of the computers.
  • Installing & integrating computer systems on one or at many locations over Networks for better connectivity among businesses.
  • Computer Science Degrees - Computer Science Degree prepares students towards different aspects about management and maintenance of computer systems. The first years of the degree course are designed to provide a basic understanding of the overall construction of computer systems, knowledge of various programming languages and algorithms, and a general introduction to software engineering.
  • Information Technology Degrees - Information Technology is the backbone of most businesses today. As businesses go global they get complex in nature and that's where information technology comes in to make the business transactions flow quickly and in a simpler mechanism. As information technology starts playing an important role in every sector, the need for competent and learned professionals will also rise.We offer B.Tech. in Information Technology.

Software Engineering & Development

  • This includes the set of instructions by which a computer is programmed for working and performing of specified tasks
  • Programs may be for controlling the functioning of the computers or they may also be some user-friendly programs for specific needs.
  • Custom made programs & solutions for special applications are also needed on a huge scale.

Services & Application Support

  • Systems integration & applications management
  • Networking & data base management
  • Installation & maintenance of software applications.

Business Development & Customer Relationship Mgt. (CRM)

  • In IT, these are akin to the Sales & Marketing activities.
  • As Software solution providing is essentially a consulting discipline the marketing is highly technical & termed Business Development.

Research and Development

  • It involves designing of chips and circuits, computer architecture and integration of peripherals.
  • It also includes improvement and upgrading of the existing systems, softwares & applications.

I.T. & Infrastructure Management

  • Managers ensure that the development and operations work goes on smoothly.
  • They look after the allocation of resources and planning. B. Tech (CS or IT) + MBA) are much sought after in this segment.

Career Path

Typical career path scenarios for Computer Science & IT professional are:

Designing and implementing software

  • This refers to the software development which has grown to include aspects of web development, interface design, security issues, mobile computing, and so on.
  • Installing & integrating computer systems on one or at many locations over Networks for better connectivity among businesses.
  • This is the career path that the majority of computer science graduates follow.
  • While a bachelor's degree is generally sufficient for entry into this kind of career, many software professionals return to school to obtain a terminal master's degree. (Rarely is a doctorate involved.
Devising new ways to use computers.

  • This refers to innovation in the application of computer technology.
  • A career path in this area can involve advanced graduate work, followed by a position in a research university or industrial research and development laboratory.
  • It can involve entrepreneurial activity such as was evident during the dot-com boom of the 1990s or it can involve a combination of the two.
Developing effective ways to solve computing problems

  • This refers to the application or development of computer science theory and knowledge of algorithms to ensure the best possible solutions for computationally intensive problems.
  • As a practical matter, a career path in the development of new computer science theory typically requires graduate work to the Ph.D. level, followed by a position in a research university or an industrial research and development laboratory.
Planning and managing organizational technology infrastructure

  • This is the type of work for which the new information technology (IT) programs explicitly aim to educate students.

Career paths 2 and 3 are undeniably in the domain of computer science graduates. Career paths 1 and 4 have spawned the new majors in software engineering and information technology, respectively, and information systems graduates often follow Career path 1, too Computer scientists continue to fill these positions, but programs in software engineering, information technology, and information systems offer alternative paths to these careers.

The Major Recruiters for this field are: Infosys, Accenture, Syntel, IBM, TCS, ORACLE, WIPRO, HCL Comnet, Mahindra Satyam, L&T Infotech, Birlasoft, Interglobe, Patni Computers, ACT Tv, Seclore Technologies, Hexaware Technology

Technical Excellence

Coastline Detection from Satellite Images using Spatial Fuzzy C-Means (FCM) Clustering and Level Set based Methods

This research work proposes a framework for coastline detection from satellite images using Spatial Fuzzy C-Means clustering and Level Set based methods. Initially, the image is preprocessed with filter to remove the noise of it, and image enhancement is performed .After enhancement FCM clustering and level set method is applied to the processed image. The project was developed by Ms. Shubra Mathur.

LPG Gas Detector using GSM Module

This project report on ’LPG gas detector using GSM module’ is made with the aim to ease the normal day life, and to detect the leakage of LPG gas and alert the user and people around before it causes any damage or great destruction. It will detect the leakage of dangerous gas and alarm the user. This project contains an alarm unit, to give an audio indication of the gas leakage. It was developed by Ms. Saloni Kankariya and Guided by Mr. Rajendra Purohit.

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An online application for checking availability of nearby medical facilities based on filters, blood booking system during emergencies, doctor refer criteria(patients are referred to city hospitals via our app), provide information related to various medical schemes. This project has been developed by Ms. Asmita Charan

AR-VR based Object Detection

Mr. Aman Bohra and team developed a project on AR-VR object detection. It has a target platform on the ground placing phone camera focusing on the ground target was a 3D augmented humanoid model which was dancing and students could take their pictures with that dancing model which was not really present in real world. . In the next application , a network connection of phones where one phone was the controller node having different options for showing different 3D models in VR headset which was attached to the second phone. The augmented models of a target in response to controller phone was displayed, which gave a more realistic look . This project was developed to showcase what is augmented reality and how using this immersive technology, one can create new dimensions visually clearing concept and better interaction between the virtual objects and the real world .

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Face Recognition using OpenCV

Ms. Harshita Metha developed a project using Open CV to recognize faces.

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