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Prof. (Dr.) Rajendra Karwa has yet again his exemplary book on "Heat and Mass Transfer (second edition)"

Prof. (Dr.) Rajendra Karwa has yet again set an example of his technical knowledge and proficiency with his exemplary book on “Heat and Mass Transfer (second edition)” penned by him and published by Springer on 20th June 2020. The first edition of this book was published similarly by this well-known scientific international publisher in September 2016 and had received a very good response. Publications and research go hand in hand, they are correlated. However, publishing books that are known across the globe is something that supersedes research and depicts the coherent knowledge a person has attained to become accomplished in his filed. We appreciate Dr. Rajendra Karwa’s hard work and continuous efforts directed towards improving technical education of students worldwide. Taking inspiration from the mentors is the best thing JIET students can benefit from. This publication is a noteworthy work by Prof. (Dr). Karwa; we congratulate him and thank him for his constant guidance.

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