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alumni council

The purposes of the Alumni Council:

  • To provide input for the value addition into the curriculum of the courses
  • Helps in finding and overcoming’s of the gap of industry-institute to enhance the quality of the education.
  • To support training/internships and placements of the students
  • To provide support in strategic directions to the college
  • To establish and perpetuate fellowship among the college students
  • To provide guidance through expert lecture/seminars.
  • To provide the support in achieving the vision-mission of the students through their valuable thoughts and experience.

To get on-board share your CV at info@jietjodhpur.ac.in with stating how you can contribute.

NameBatchMail IdResume
Dr. - Ing. Sandeep Pandey2012 Click Here
Himanshu Patel 2013himanshu031091@gmail.com Click Here
Garvit Mathur 2017garvitmathur895@gmail.com Click Here
Jatin Arora2017jatin.arora3120@gmail.com Click Here
Navneet Singh 2015Click Here
Dr. Gajendra Tripathi 2010gajendra.tripathi45@gmail.com Click Here
Ajay Dadhich 2011Click Here
Sanjay Jangid 2011jangid.sanjay04@gmail.comClick Here
Navdeep Srivastav2013nvdpshrivastava@gmail.comClick Here
Pradeep Bohra 2007pradeep.bohra1984@gmail.comClick Here
Kanika Choudhary 2017Click Here
Bharat Singh Rajpurohit 2011bharatraj@live.com Click Here
Rohit Mathur 2010r4rohitmathur@gmail.comClick Here
Bhomendra Singh Rathore 2014h20180376@pilani.bits-pilani.ac.inClick Here
Shailendra Arora 2006shailendraarora27@gmail.comClick Here
Nitesh Mathur 2017niteshmathur20@gmail.com Click Here
Megha Pareek 2016megha.pareek1802@gmail.comClick Here
Hitesh Vyas 2009hit_vyas1@yahoo.co.ukClick Here
Himanshu Jain 2012hjain.java@gmail.comClick Here
Ujjwal Gaur 2014 ujjwalgaur12@gmail.com Click Here
Gaurav Patwa 2015 patwagaurav@yahoo.com Click Here
Ankur Mahesh Desai 2011 desaiankurmahesh@gmail.com Click Here
Rashmi Rai 2011 rairashmi08@gmail.com Click Here
Sanyam Mathur 2019 mathursanyam97@gmail.com Click Here
Nupur Pareek 2014 pareeknupur@gmail.com Click Here
Pallavi Sharma 2018 pallavisharma2811@gmail.com Click Here
Neeraj 2019 neeraj15jiee738@gmail.com Click Here
Yashrika Bhardwaj 2019 yashrika@gmail.com Click Here
Sejal parihar 2016 sejalparihar30@gmail.com Click Here
Anisha Mehta 2018 Anishamehta9@gmail.com Click Here
Mohibur rehman 2010 mohibur.rehman@outlook.com Click Here
Vinay kumar 2015 Vinay.sharma2216@gmail.com Click Here
Hemant vyas 2019 hemant.vyas1997@gmail.com Click Here
CHAITANYA SAHADEV 2019 csahadev6@gmail.com Click Here
Sarita Khotani 2012 khotani.sarita@gmail.com Click Here
Vishnu gehlot 2019 Vishnu.15jiee762@jietjodhpur.com Click Here
CHANDRIKA HARSHA 2019 chandrikaharsha1998@gmail.com Click Here
Vasundhara Sharma 2018 vasundhara.sharma@hotmail.com Click Here
Anuj Agarwal 2011 anuj782@gmail.com Click Here
Shilpi Gautam 2015 Shgtm00@gmail.com Click Here
Anant Gopal Chakradhar 2011 maverickanant@gmail.com Click Here
Himanshu P Patel 2013 himanshu031091@gmail.com Click Here
Rakhi Bherwani 2016 bherwani@usc.edu Click Here
Malvika Mathur 2015 malvika.mathur0421@gmail.com Click Here
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