Campus Life

JBS aims at the all-round development of students by organizing several extracurricular activities throughout the year by various clubs at the college campus. Through JBS, there is a consistence growth in students' participation at various levels, where they demonstrate their skills and talents in the fields of sports, dance, music, photography, social service etc. We teach beyond the syllabus wherever possible, to stretch student’s intellectual powers, and to develop their individual literary interests. The aim is achieved by weekly different extension classes. This programme investigated the relationship between the developments of students and their academics. In addition, we compared innovative learning environments that aim to enhance self-regulated learning with traditional learning environments.. All the activities are managed through various cells. There are five different cells namely:

S.No. Cell Name Clubs
1. Technical Cell
  • PLC SCADA(For EE, ECE, EEE Branch)
  • MATLAB Based on Power System
  • HTML, HTML 5.0 with PHP and web Hosting (For I Year Students)
  • Android (For CSE, IT and ECE Branch)
  • Pro-E (For ME and Civil Branch)
  • 2. Cultural Cell
  • Dance (Hip Hop, Classical)
  • Singing (Vocal-Classical, Western)
  • Instrumental(Guitar)
  • Languages (French)
  • Self Defence Classes
  • 3. Sports Cell Cricket, Football, Basketball, Badminton, T.T., Volleyball
    4. NSS Cell social welfare activities like Blood Donation, Tree Plantation, Campus Development, Celebration of Festivals etc.
    5. Company Connect Cell Introduction to computer systems, RDBMS, JAVA, Operating System, Programming Testing, Problem solving Techniques

    For Registration and Enquiry contact:

    Dr Renu Sharma
    (JBS Coordinator)
    Mobile: +91-94137-83383

    Vision: Assisting the student’s innovativeness & activities related to various technological and non- technological oriented projects to enhance their hidden talent and creativity.

    General Guidelines:

  • JBS activities will take place from Wednesday to Saturday for two hours after college is over but for a batch, it will be only on Wednesday-Thursday or Friday-Saturday.

  • There will be 90 Students in each cell per campus who will be selected on first come first serve basis.

  • A student will be eligible to register for only one club.

  • Each student will be charged Rs.250 per year as registration fee.

  • Registration process will be separate for both the campuses.

  • Student Coordinators will receive reimbursement in the form of Scholarship.

  • Each cell will have a faculty team of 4 members who will manage activities of various clubs in their cell in both the colleges

  • Registration will be online

  • For Registration and Enquiry contact:

    Dr. Renu Sharma
    (JBS Coordinator)
    Mobile: +91-94137 83383