Incubation Centre


It is a platform designed to foster entrepreneurship and help students/startup companies, usually technology-related, to grow through the use of shared resources, domain expertise, and intellectual capital.


To enhance the ability of the students to face challenges of real dynamic world and to serve & develop the local industries with technical support and skilled human resources.


  1. To understand & meet industry needs & customize according to local conditions.
  2. To access entrepreneur quality, market, resources, innovation.
  3. Basic assistance by faculty members of JGI, Industrialists, access to network of external services from professionals, university etc.
  4. To help move towards planed objectives and milestones.
  5. To create platform for industry- institute development program.

A. Objectives

Following are the objectives for setting this centre:

  1. To provide IT solution for the various industries.
  2. To establish a platform that will provide IT solution for the automation of academic & administrative processes of JGI.
  3. To deliver software application to various departments of JGI on the need basis.
  4. To create a facility for learning and training both for faculty and students in emerging IT areas.
  5. To set up a platform for the students and faculties of JGI to jointly work on research areas of different fields of computer science.
  6. To educate and involve the students in developing the new IT and mobile applications for the society, both urban and rural.
  7. To engage and build the tie-ups with external institution/engineering bodies/industry, to take projects and execute them.
  8. Create Awareness about Information Technology and Commercialization of R & D products.
  9. Create Technology Based incubates on continuous basis and foster the entrepreneurial spirit.
  10. Provide a facility as well guidance / information centre for start ups for young entrepreneurs in IT areas.

B. Technology Disciplines of Incubates

  1. Embedded Technology for electronic products.
  2. Web based applications.
  3. Software / Apps development for smart phones.
  4. Web-based educational software, mainly for lower classes, particularly where facilities are scarce.
  5. Security systems and IT security.
  6. Database Administration.
  7. Website / Portal development.
  8. HW / SW maintenance & technical support services.
  9. Artificial Intelligence & and personal assistance devices.
  10. Networking support and solutions

Infrastructure Available

Software Tools & Packages

  1. Database Software: Oracle, MS SQL Server, My SQL
  2. Web Based/HTML Editors: Bluebird/Bluefish, Dreamviewer, Bluegriffons, Visual Studio 2008 (ASP.NET), Net beans, Eclipse
  3. Embedded System: MAtlab, Xilliinx, Keil, Code Composer Studio, ModelSIM, AVR Studio, Scilab, Circuit Wizard.
  4. Operating System: MS Windows, Ubuntu 15.04
  5. Mobile Software Application Developments: Android Software Development Kit
  6. Testing Tools: IBM Rational Rose

Physical Resources

Dedicated Centre for Software Development Lab with 10 PC (Lenovo All in One Core i3 ).

Under Construction.....

Under Construction.....