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Google Students Community – JIET was established in September 2014. Google Students Community is a Google Student’s Club established under Google Student Ambassadors Program, Google.

Mr. Navneet Singh, currently a final year Computer Science & Engineering student at Jodhpur Institute of Engineering and Technology is appointed as Google Student Ambassador by Google who will be leading the Google Students Community – JIET.

GSC is a student driven club. We aim at holding/organzing innovative impacting events at our campus which will introduce students with Google Technologies and Products. The current focus of the club will be in Android, Cloud Computing Technologies and Digital Marketing.

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To form a team of students from within the campus with the purpose of organizing skill based Google related events leading to technical upliftment of students on campus and beyond.

Benefits of Google Students Club (our unique and exclusive features):

  • Provide a platform for applied learning and rational thought development.

  • Generate awareness about plethora of technical and non-technical happenings across the nation.

  • Keep students updated about various scholarship and internship opportunities offered by Google.

  • Help students gain Google certification through various Google Education Programs.

  • Create outreach programs for students to benefit from other GSCs across Jodhpur.

  • Stand a chance to win Google swags, goodies, certificates and sponsored trips.

  • Encourage students to come up with noval ideas for community problems via app development, web development, marketing solutions, design thinking, prototyping business models and beyond.

  • Walkthrough:

  • A team of highly enthusiastic individuals will be formed. They will help train other students in the field of Android, Cloud, Digital Marketing, Internet of Things and the likes.

  • All students are welcome to share any technical difficulty they face academically or otherwise. An open, community driven approch shall be employed to solve any grievances thereof.

  • Banking on a positive reponse from students and faculty of our institution, we shall be able to organize high end workshops and talks on campus.

  • How we will do it?

  • We will firstly form a team of enthusiastic students. Then we will train other students in field of Android, Cloud, Development, Internet etc.

  • We will allow every student to come up to the club for their queries related to careers or even coding/technical queries and solve those problem.

  • With a good student support base we will organize workshops related to technologies or soft skills needed in today’s time.

  • There are many other way to do all the things mentioned that will be figured out after we analyse the kind of resources and permissions available.

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