Directors' Word


An EDGE over others..

JIET Universe is one of the nation’s pioneering educational institutions, producing some of India’s most employable professional and budding entrepreneurs. It is a brainchild of the eminent educationist and motivator par excellence Dr. S.M.Seth, Chairman, PJ Foundation.

JIET is entering into the tenth year of its achievements and accolades. It supports educates, facilitates and inspire wannabe professionals and moulds not only their careers but also their value system. It has world class facilities and state-of-the art technology, erudite and highly qualified faculty, dedicated staff, many extra and co-corricular activities, excellent infra-structure and a highly conducive work environment and a culture which fosters learning. Academic alliances with highly multi-national companies make it a unique institution.

In a creative and interactive learning environment students equip themselves to confront the challenges of a globally fluid and changing world with confidence. No wonder our students have consequently proven their worth by being recruited info some of the best companies in the world. JIET Universe has carved a niche for itself in the international arena with emphasis on high quality research and education. It shares a strong interface with both the industry and the community at large.

Your decision to join the JIET Universe is just the beginning of a highly rewarding professional career. I welcome you to find your latent potential as you enroll yourself with us at the sprawling campus that will shape your dreams and help you to realize your ambitions.

“Aspire, strive, succeed”

Er. Navneet Agarwal
JIET Group of Institutions

In the quest of knowledge and to contribute meaningfull to the Nation and the human society, JIET Campus has been ascertained. It has now acquired the status of one of the premier technological institutions in the region for preparing future professionals. It offers undergraduate programme in Electronics & Communication Engineering, Computer Engineering,Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Information Technology along with masters programme in management i.e. MBA.

It has a rich tradition of pursuing academic excellence, value based education and providing a conducive environment for overall development of the Students. In addition to their excellent teaching, the faculty members are actively involved in research and consultancy. A large number of research and consultancy projects have been undertaken, several of them being of National & Global importance. Although we are affiliated with Rajasthan Technical University yet our value added programmes offered by JIET are comprehensive and are continuously being updated to keep pace with latest developments and innovations in associated disciplines with necessary blend of IT and management. Newer programs especially at postgraduate level are planned to be added in accordance with academic needs and industry requirements. It is also undertaking various projects for uplift of community, especially the rural community in the area of sustainable development, environmental management, IT enabled rural development etc.

We strongly believe in human values and our commitment to the nation and human society. Accordingly, our teaching-learning process is based on motivating factors, discipline in conducive relaxed natural ambience. We have created a secured, congenial and serene environment for teachers and students who want to make it their coveted educational destination. And we are only in the process of further development.

With Best Wishes...

Prof. (Dr.) Rajendra Karwa
Jodhpur Institute of Engineering & Technology

Dear Students welcome to this pioneer Institute of Rajasthan.

We have travelled a decade through KAIZEN (Continuous improvement involving everyone) and we are proud that our students and teachers have taken up task of stimulating apparently ordinary people to unusual effort of making winners; the University toppers. This is because the institute providesconducive environment as envisaged by Albert Einstein.

I never teach my pupil, I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they learn.

As stated in vision, our motive is not only to shape stake holder into globally competitive engineers with strong personal and professional skills, but also to the most carrying, wise and determined human beings with eco-friendly societal focus Engineers, Technocrats, Bureaucrats with human face is the need of hour.

I dare you to dream nothing less than excellence through work smart and strive. Enjoy learning and don’t compromise on ethics and beliefs. Put wisdom in education by combining knowledge with application and compassion with institution.

Arise! Awake! and stop not till goal is reached --- Swami Vivekananda. Have wining spirit.

Best of Luck!

Prof. (Dr.) K. R. Chowdhary
JIET College of Engineering