Extracurricular activities

The vision behind the Parivartan is development of student personality through different activities which include different parameters like team spirit, thought process, communication skills, leadership quality etc.

(Venue – Dada Bhagwan Ashram, Tinwari-Jodhpur)

Programme Details

Parivartan was started in 2011 with an intension for the students of B.tech(V semester) to groom their personality which included communication-verbal and non-verbal, body language and presentation skills, to make them come out of their comfort zone, to cultivate right attitude, to improve their creativity and to make them learn importance of team work.

The program was held at Tinwari – a new place for the students. The place was privileged by nature, full of greenery, surrounded by beautiful trees and plants and the rose garden was a Midas touch to the garden.

“Parivartan-2015” started with introduction by Er. Navneet Agarwal, Director-General (JGI).The program had many learning sessions which incorporated paper solving, technical sessions and sports sessions along with some other fun activities like static dance, kites decoration, skits and street plays. Themes of all the activities were not disclosed to them previously so there was a new challenge at every step which they took positively and gave their best to complete the task. Their active participation removed their stage fear and improved public speaking. Their creative ideas in story building, story making, picture perception and skits with theme – Parivartan (Zero to Zero) gave new ways of thinking with new concepts.

Following Group Activities were conducted:
S.No. DAY 1 DAY 2 DAY 3
1. Basic Etiquettes Extempore Story Telling
2. Self-Introduction Picture Perception and Description Test Slogan Narration
3. Static Dance Kite Decoration and Skits Parivartan-Shunya Se Shunya Tak

Yoga sessions, sports activities and some other competitions were also organized in these three days. Some Motivational and expert session was also organized in Parivartan 2015

Winners of different categories
S.No. Best Group Category Best Girl/Boy Category Best Group Leader Category
1. Winner Group – G3 (CSE-SETG) Best Girl - Mishika Mathur (G1-ECE SETG) Best Group Leader - Girdhar Gopal Singh (B10-CSE COED)
2. Runner-up Group – B2 (ME-COED) Best Boy - Aashish Verma (B5-ECE COED) Ankita Tiwari (G1-ECE SETG)

National Service Scheme (NSS)

With a vision of creating awareness among the students and foster a feeling of community service we initiated the NSS. Various activities like Blood Donation Camp, Tree Plantation Programmes. Literacy Programmes for under privileged children, Traffic Awareness Rallies etc. are organized regularly.

National Cadet Corps (NCC)

A Tri-Services Organization comprising the Army, Navy and Air Force is engaged in grooming the youth - 'The Leaders of Tomorrow-The NCC Troop at JIETSETG caters to more than 100 cadets; in the last academic session, 32 cadets were awarded with 'C' certificate.

An inter college practical training contest designed to provides a platform for all the student of VII semester (Engineering) and III semester (MBA) who trained during summer training program-2016.

In addition, Training reports in form of Power point presentation has been delivered by students of Computer Science Engineering, Information Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Electrical & Electronics Engineering and MBA. This event also provided a platform to the students to exhibit their technical knowledge including practical experience and innovative ideas.

  • 7th semester students of all the engineering departments are eligible to participate
  • 3rd semester students of MBA department is eligible to participate
  • The duration of summer training should be in accordance with RTU syllabus

    Students have to submit:
  • Duly filled registration form
  • Synopsis (in 200 words)
  • Soft copy of the report (MS office Word format/PDF format), and
  • Power point presentation should be submitted directly to the departmental faculty coordinator (Training Coordinator).

  • There will be two stages in the contest
  • I Stage:
  • It will be intradepartmental contest
  • Best entries will be evaluated by a panel of experts.
  • Top 3 students will come forward for the final contest

  • II Stage:
  • The final event will be conducted on a common platform, the details of which are as follows:
  • Every selected candidate would be allotted a time bracket of 20 minutes followed by an open defense session of 10 minutes (total 30 min).

  • Feasibility of objectives and its relevance
  • Feasibility of recommendations and suggested plan of action
  • Articulation and compatible body language
  • Query handling
  • Innovative tools/techniques applied or suggestions given to the organization concerned
  • Practical training report
  • Any other value addition

  • Awards:
  • Award for top 3 winner of department ( Worth Rs. 1000/- each)
  • Top 3 finalist of the event from both the campus (Worth Rs. 5000/- each)
  • Participation certificate

  • UDYAT-2016 Registration Form

    Save Girl Feticide
    JIETians have joined their hands to Save Girl feticide. All the faculty members and students of JGI have taken oath for this purpose.

    IT Infrastructure at POLICE LINE, JODHPUR
    We have developed computer lab for jodhpur police which enables all “THANAs” to interact through video conferencing.