Amphitheater Classrooms

Lectures are meant to infuse and develop in the students the analytical, conceptual, presentation, communication and application oriented skills. The class rooms and lecture halls are well furnished with advanced teaching aids like multimedia projectors and other technical equipments make teaching more occupying and interactive. The simulated teaching software helps the students to understand the process in highly visualized form.

Labs and Workshops

JIET UNIVERSE believes that a practical visualization is a crucial requisite for effective learning. Hence a number of well equipped research labs, workshops and specific project labs as per specific needs of different courses are available to provide practical exposure of concepts. Modern laboratories, workshops and studios are integral part of the various departments of the JIET Universe.

IT Infrastructure

JIET UNIVERSE is cruising successfully and rapidly towards becoming paperless institutions. The JGI boasts of an unparalleled Hi-tech and modem academic and administrative support system wherein most of the institution routines are carried out online.

  • Wi-Fi Campus

  • High-End Biometric systems/Online Attendance

  • 100 Mbps of bandwidth for internet with dedicated leased line

  • High end firewall security featured network

  • Jodhpur Convention Centre (JCC)

    JCC is equipped with modern audio/visual aids. Its seating capacity is about 900.